Looking to write guest posts and get backlinks in Canada? Well you’re in luck.

USvsCanada is looking for great content to fit our blogging website. We only work inside Canada, must be able to E-Transfer. 

Couple of options for you to become backlink partners, and well written guest posts. 

1. You supply the post. You’re allowed a 3 dofollow links, and 3 nofollow links. Everything is curated. There will be no spam, casino or adult links. Legitimate Canadian Websites.

2. We supply the post. Well written, same link rules apply. We choose the anchor text. 

3. Just supply the one backlink and we will add it in, or make a new blog post for it when the time is right. 

Both cost a couple of handful of Loonies (or trades), you’ll need to email me tonyscreativewebservices@gmail.com 

Subject Line – usvscanada.com

This website currently gets around 1,000 visitors a month and growing, 95% Canadian.