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Celebration Cookies – Canada’s Best Selling Cookie

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Leclerc Milk Celebration Cookies - The Best Selling Canadian Cookie

If you’re a Canadian cookie lover, you’ve probably tried a wide variety of cookies, from classic chocolate chips to more exotic flavours like matcha or lavender. But if you haven’t yet tried Leclerc Celebration Cookies, you’re missing out on one of the most delicious and satisfying cookie experiences out there. In this blog, I’ll explain why Leclerc Celebration Cookies are one of the best cookies you can find, and why you should add them to your cookie rotation ASAP.

The top layer of the Celebration Cookies is the chocolate, stamped with an image of the famous Canadian landmark; The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. An image sharing a connection to the roots of Leclerc aswell as the aged history of the brand. The famous treat didn’t always have this image, and it was only added during an advertising campaign to add uniqueness to the biscuit. The top chocolate layer sits on a buttery biscuit. It’s that simple, milk chocolate on a butter biscuit, but it’s captured Canadian hearts for so many years. Celebration cookies are one of the only desserts that make you realize your Canadian cravings. Best served with some ice cold Canadian pop.

When in the snack aisle of an overseas store, longing for a decent chip section to solve my ketchup & all-dressed chips addiction, my brain constantly wants celebration cookies. Rarely if ever will these cookies be found anywhere else but in Canada; where they seem to dominate the most coveted eye-level rack in grocery stores. Canibalizing the other nostalgic Canadian snacks we no longer see. So many flavours like square and circle, those count right? sometimes caramel and marshmallow or a raspberry filling. A very natural-tasting cookie compared to the synthetic Oreo.

canads best selling cookie celebrations

Iconic orange packaging which instantly makes me salivate like I’ve been in some Canadian Pavlov-esque experiment. It’s a top gift to get a Canadian friend, if you want more inspiration check out our list.

The easiest oven-bake Smores with the mandatory Canadian cookies we all get in our rations that line our Canuckian cupboards.



It’s that easy. Preheat your oven to 350, and line a baking tray with the cookies (chocolate side facing up). Put one marshmallow on every cookie. If you want extra chocolate you can add another biscuit on top, but it’s really good as an open face with the marshmallow getting that golden crispiness from the exposed baking. The baking doesn’t take too long, just until the marshmallow gets golden and the chocolate melts. If the marshmallow is having trouble just put the oven on broil.

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